Honeymoon in Paris

Ideas for the best honeymoon in Paris

Paris is one of the most romantic city in the world and probably one of the best city for a great honeymoon.
You’ll enjoy spending time in Saint-Germain-des-Prés visiting the art galleries or having a coffee at the famous “Café de Flore” where Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Simone de Beauvoir used to sit for hours in the fifties.
You’ll love diner with your wife on the top of the Eiffel Tower at the “Jules Vernes” with its amazing view.
Paris is also the city for shopping, if you are a “fashion addict” you should spend some times among the designer stores at the “Avenue Montaigne”, or if you prefer jewellery I suggest you the “Place Vendome” where you can find Cartier, Van Cleef & Harpel, Boucheron, Dior …
Another beautiful moment will be the “bateau mouche” on the river Seine, or the Barque at the Bois de Boulogne.

Location for your honeymoon in Paris

If you plan to spend your honeymoon in Paris, I suggest you to choose your location with care. Saint-Germain des Prés / Latin Quarter for the cobbled streets.
The Opera for the central location, great hotels, near Louvre, Concorde and le Marais for the old Paris.

Restaurants for your honeymoon in Paris

There are plenty of romantic restaurants in Paris :

  • Jules Vernes: Long one of the hardest tables to snag in Paris, the Jules Verne on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower looks set to rise to even loftier heights under the direction of Alain Ducasse. France’s most powerful restaurateur took over the Eiffel Tower’s restaurants in partnership with the Sodexho group in January 2007 and at the time of writing was in the process of bringing his own style to the Jules Verne. If Ducasse’s Mediterranean-inspired food is always an experience in itself, the highlight of any meal here has to be the ride up the restaurant’s private elevator. Improve your chances of getting a window seat by arriving early. Hotels nearby
  • Le Ciel de Paris: Located on top of the Montparnasse Tower, this is one of the three most beautiful views in Paris, along with the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower or la Tour d’Argent on another level. The panoramic view overlooking Paris is truly dazzling. And this famous restaurant knows how to try new things, it is a part of the gourmet landscape of Paris. Now here is a way to escape, to fly away in the heart of the capital. One thing you must do is let yourself go…Attentive and creative cuisine in this traditional place, a cuisine that knows how to integrate new touches, that everyone likes. A mix of flavours from here and elsewhere, you will find a pure moment of gourmet delight here. Attentive service that ensures each and every guest a good time at Ciel de Paris! You will enjoy a very special moment between pleasure for your eyes and for your taste buds. A gourmet trip on top of our capital, for business or pleasure, it is truly something to try! Hotels nearby
  • Le Pré Catlan: Live a Belle Epoque fantasy by dining beneath the chestnut trees on the terrace of this fanciful landmark pavillon in the Bois de Boulogne. Among the winning dishes that have appeared on chef Frédéric Anton’s menu are spit-roasted squab in a caramelized sauce, sweetbreads with morels and asparagus tips, and roasted pear on a waffle with bergamot ice cream. For a taste of the good life at a (relatively) gentle price, order the EUR 80 lunch menu and soak up the opulent surroundings along with service that’s as polished as the silverware. Hotels nearby

Places to go for a honeymoon in Paris

The most romantic places to go for a honeymoon in Paris are:

  • Canal Saint Martin: Canal Saint-Martin is a 4.5km long canal. It stretches from the Square Frédérick Lemaître to the Rue Lafayette and shortcuts a long loop in the River Seine on the eastern side of Paris in the 10th arrondissement. The canal was opened in 1825 after Napoleon had ordered the artificial waterway dug to supply Paris with water. The canal is covered from Rue du Faubourg du Temple to the Place de la Bastille. Today, the canal is a popular destination for Parisians and tourists who watch the barges navigate the series of locks and road bridges. There are also a number of popular restaurants and bars along it. The area is popular with students. Hotels nearby
  • Monceau Park: Parc Monceau is a romantic park situated in the 8th arrondissement at the junction of Boulevard de Courcelles, Rue de Prony and Rue Georges Berger. The park is unusual in France due to its « English » style: its informal layout, curved walkways and randomly-placed statues distinguish it from the more traditional, French-style garden. It also includes a collection of scaled-down architectural features — including an Egyptian pyramid, a Chinese fort, a Dutch windmill, and Corinthian pillars. A number of these are masonic references, reflecting the fact that Philippe d’Orléans was a leading freemason. The park includes statues of famous French figures including Guy de Maupassant, Frédéric Chopin, Charles Gounod, Ambroise Thomas and Edouard Pailleron. In 1797, it was the site of the first silk parachute jump, when André-Jacques Garnerin jumped from a Montgolfier hot air balloon, landing in the park where a large crowd was gathered. Hotels nearby
  • Place du Tertre: The Place du Tertre is a square in Paris’ XVIIIe arrondissement. Only a few streets away from Montmartre’s Basilica of the Sacré Cœur, it is the heart of the city’s elevated Montmartre quarter. With its many artists setting up their easels each day for the tourists, the Place du Tertre is a reminder of the time when Montmartre was the mecca of modern art. At the beginning of the 20th century, many penniless painters including Picasso and Utrillo were living there.
    L’Espace Salvador Dalí, a museum principally dedicated to the sculpture and drawings of Salvador Dalí, can be found a few steps from Place du Tertre. Hotels nearby
  • Arts Bridge: The Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts is a pedestrian bridge in Paris which crosses the Seine River. It links the Institut de France and the central square (cour carrée) of the palais du Louvre, (which had been termed the « Palais des Arts » under the First French Empire).
    The bridge has sometimes served as a place for art exhibitions, and is today a studio en plein air for painters, artists and photographers who are drawn to its unique point-of-view. Furthermore, the Pont des Arts is frequently a spot for picnics during the summer. Hotels nearby
  • Dauphine Place: The Place Dauphine, laid out in 1609 while the Place des Vosges was still under construction and named for the Dauphin of France, the future Louis XIII, was among the earliest city-planning projects of Henri IV. The space, a rectangle with two canted ends, was made over to Achille du Harlay to construct thirty-two houses of regular plan. It is approached through a kind of gateway centred on the « downstream » end, formed by paired pavilions facing the equestrian statue of Henri IV on the far side of the Pont Neuf. They are built of brick with limestone quoins supported on arcaded stone ground floors and capped by steep slate roofs with dormers, very like the contemporaneous facades of Place des Vosges. Few visitors penetrate Place Dauphine, which lies behind them, and where all the other buildings have been raised in height, given new facades, rebuilt, or replaced with a heightened pastiches of the originals. The former enclosing east side was swept away to open the view to the monumental white marble Second Empire Palais de Justice (built 1857-68), like a glazed colonnade centered on the Place Dauphine, the remains of which now form a kind of forecourt to it. Hotels nearby

Unusual tour to do for your honeymoon in Paris

If you are looking for a unusual tour in Paris for your honeymoon, go for :

  • Coulee verte Planted Gardens: The planted gardens are a veritable refuge in the centre of the city. Constructed by an architect and a landscape designer, the promenade runs for 5 km along an abandoned railway line. From the Bastille to Saint-Mandé, by bicycle or on foot, you can peek in the windows of typical Parisian flats. If you go early enough you’ll catch the runners and the skaters out for their morning exercise. The promenade begins in the Bastille as a rooftop garden, 10 m high, and ends in Saint-Mandé as a street-level park, winding all the while through the streets of Paris. Hotels nearby
  • Les Bouquinistes de Paris bookshop: Les Bouquinistes, the riverside vendors who peddle used books, have set up shop along the Seine in the Latin Quarter since the mid-1500s, when shops and stalls lined most of the bridges in Paris. The term bouquinistes comes from the Dutch word boeckin, meaning small book. Early dealers used wheelbarrows to transport their goods, but they eventually fastened trays with thin leather straps to the parapets of the bridges. In 1891, bouquinistes received permission to permanently attach their boxes to the quaysides. The waiting list to become one of Paris’ 250 bouquinistes, today, is over eight years. Hotels nearby
  • Bois de Boulogne Boat Promenade: The Bois de Boulogne is often called the « main lung » of Paris and you can take small boats « barque » for 1 hour. Hotels nearby
  • Museum of Romantic Life: This museum, installed in the Scheffer-Renan mansion, celebrates the Dutch painter Ary Scheffer who lived there, as well as the poet… It evokes the life and works of the writer Georges Sand, symbolic figure of the Romantic Movement. Take the shady passageway through to a small paved courtyard in front of the museum. The other buildings leading off this peaceful spot house visiting exhibitions, and a flowered garden invites you to stop and rest a while and make the most of the charming little tea room in the conservatory. Hotels nearby

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