What is the best area to stay in Paris?

I’m often asked what is the best area to stay in Paris
As you can imagine, the answer depends on your expectations. So I could tell you which are my favorite neighborhoods, but there is no « best area to stay in Paris« : it really depends on your desires and your budget.
Do you prefer to stay in a tourist and croaweded area, a quiet neighborhood, a young and trendy area, a neighborhood with a strong local identity, a neighborhood where prices are cheap?
Because each area has its advantages and disadvantages, and that’s the problem: you will have to make choices!

The best area to stay in Paris

To help you choose the best area to stay in Paris, I rated each district of Paris according to its tourist side, its stores, its places to go out and to be entertained (bars, restaurants, nightclubs …), its quiteness, its authenticity, its accommodations (hotels, apartments, hostels …).
I hope that this will help you to choose the best place to stay in Paris!