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The Best Burgers in Paris

Burger are so trendy in Paris that I had to do a post on that topic and help you know where to eat the best Burger in Paris.

So if you’re not affraid to put on a million pounds in few minutes, read this article!


New and very popular at the moment.

+: Home made & Quality

The bread and the fries are really great and home made. The meat is also nicely cooked. if you add a good staff who take care of their customers, you’ll have one of the best Burger address in Paris!

-: The Price

15€ for a regular burger, fries, soda combo might be too expensive.

Location: 44, rue d’Argout, 75002
Open: Monday to saturday –  12h to 14h30 & 19h30 to 23h.


A new Burger restaurant in Paris that mix the french & american best recipes to give you one of the best burger ever.

+: Ingredient & personalization

The ingredients used are typiclly french (french cheese, parsley, tarragon, cilantro, chives …) gives a french taste to those burgers!

Another interesting point is that you can make your own burger and mix all the ingredients you like!

-: The Price

Between 14€ and 18€ could seem expensive but I guarantee that you won’t be hungry after!

Location: 455 rue du faubourg poissonnière, 75009
Open: Monday to saturday –  12h to 14h30 & 19h30 to 22h30.



It’s not a new burger restaurant in Paris, but it is often considered as the best burger in Paris. So it could definitely worth a shot.

Location: 5, rue du Dragon, 75006
Open: Monday to sunday –  12h to 15h & 19h30 to 23h.

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